Dates for your diary:

Level 2 & Year 1 Parents Consultations: 8th Dec 5-8pm (online)

End of term - 16th Dec

Spring Term Start - 4th Jan (first day of teaching)


One of our students has lost a small silver ring with a gold hammered sphere on top.

This ring was hugely sentimental. If you find it could you please give it in to reception/lost property.

Many thanks. Tutorials this week:

Level 2 - Climate Anxiety

Year 1 - Online safety & Digital footprint

Year 2 - Gap Year

Here you can find the latest news and events in a monthly round up of local, national and international issues that relate to the environment, sustainability and climate change.

Self-care to Sleep Workshops


Drama Performance: Festive Fusions

Festive Fusions.pdf

Festive Card Competition Result!

Check out the winner of this year festive card competition.

The Varndean Giving Grotto

We are collecting for a local food bank.

Please bring any food/ toiletries to the tutorial block by this Friday 9th December! Thank you. :)

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WellBeing Ways for Wintertime


Enrichments of the Week

OCD and intrusive thoughts support group - Thursday lunchtimes in room S10

Philosophy Society - Tuesday Lunchtimes in room 13

Ethnicity, Identity, and Culture group - Thursday lunchtimes in room 5

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List of Student Union members emails and roles:

What we are doing

  • Citizens assembly - On Thursday 10th November, members of the Student Union attended the citizens assembly, which brought up topics such as student mental health, the real living wage and the rising transport costs to several members of the Brighton and Hove council.

  • Culture Day - The SU is currently arranging 2 culture days that will take place in December, where students can share their culture and experience the culture of others

  • Staff roles - A "cheat sheet" of the different roles of important members of staff and how to contact them was proposed by the Student Union, and is currently being worked on by George Marshall and myself (Cassie Samuel).

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JOBS (recommended max 10 hours per week)

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Do you have a print disability? This could be a visual impairment, physical disability or learning disability like dyslexia, autism or ADD.

If you do, you are eligible to use the RNIB Bookshare scheme, which is a free service offering textbooks and fiction books in a range of accessible formats, like audiobooks, PDF ebooks and Braille books.

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Queers - Episode 1The Man on the Platform Eight short monologues in response to the 50th anniversary of the Sexual Offences Act. (E)
Countryfile: Plant Britain FinaleThe climax of the Plant Britain initiative to plant three quarters of a million trees across the UK from the Countryfile Wood in Cheshire. (U)
Social Groups of the Russian revolution - Episode 1Peasants and Workers: Life before 1917 This video examines in detail the hardships, the catalysts for Bloody Sunday and the 1905 Revolution and how unrest continued to simmer for the next 12 years. (U)
Can You Feel It - How Dance Music Conquered The World: The BeatFollowing the 4/4 beat from disco through to the current EDM explosion. (E)


OCR A Level Computer Science H446: Exam Tutor and Practice by James Franklin
Language: The Basics by R. L. Trask
A-level Chemistry For AQA: Student Book by Katie Braid
Small Pleasures by Clare Chambers Fiction
When God Was A Rabbit by Sarah Minman Fiction
Girlhood by Cat Clarke Fiction

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