Wishing you all a happy, safe and healthy year.

Spring term starts on Mon 4th January

(ALL LESSONS will now take place online)


Tutorials are changing!!

GROUP SESSIONS (in online week) AND 1:1 WEEKS (face-to-face or online)

There will be group sessions in online week and you will be expected to join the session in the same way you join your other lessons in your online week.

In your face-to-face week, there will be 1:1s ONLY. This means that if you don't have a 1:1, there WON'T BE a tutorial task set and you will only be expected to attend your 1:1 if arranged for you. Expect to have one 1:1 in a term.

Although all lessons are online this week due to the current covid-19 restrictions, year 2 tutorial groups will have 1:1s only but please check with your personal tutor if you are not sure.

Online Learning Tips shared by year 1 students

In tutorials, Year 1 students watched a video created by Andrew from Action Your Potential (left) explaining why online learning is hard. Check out their tips on how to survive and thrive in online learning. What helps you? Have you tried meditation between lessons??

Set alarm to wake up at the same time in online week as F2F weeks

Keep hydrated and listen to good music, and eating a healthy snack between lessons

Using paper notes and books when I can rather than my laptop, having short breaks regularly

Go out for a five minute stroll in the morning to wake me up, just a quick stroll down the road. I've noticed that the days I don't do that I feel a lot worse, as a rule.

Leaving my phone in a different room so i don't get distracted during online lessons.

Managing time by installing apps which helps me focus

Using BOOM CARDS which are really lovely

Create a good study space and be well organised

Summarise each day by creating FLASH CARDS

Create daily check lists, stick to a routine, engage with teachers and keep hydrated.

Making sure to still spend time outside and also to try to communicate with classmates more.

5-10 minute break every 30 minutes or so, to give me a rest and time to recharge

Contribute actively in the lessons to get a deeper understanding.

Making myself a plan at the start of the day

Book time with other students to discuss the content of the lesson

Don't sit for too long & get some exercise done

I wake up and go to sleep at more regular times to keep my body functioning normally

Going for walks in between my lessons

Turning off notifications on my phone and computer when studying or in an online lesson.

Taking breaks between learning, listening to music, talking to friends - escaping out of a learning mindset to 'reset' my body between lessons

Different methods to become more productive - Stand up when possible to help posture, going outside then possible, create a learning space

Changing my mindset about online learning and about trying to make the most of it.

Turning the brightness down a bit on my laptop means my eyes aren't as strained. I try to have a quick conversation with the teacher before the online lesson fully starts.

Social interactions, discussing content, doing exercise, having reasonable expectations for yourself, keeping hydrated, good sleep, spending time outside and overall incorporating the 12 rocks of wellbeing into your daily habits.

What helps me is that I get up on time and get dressed and prepare for what I need to do in my lessons. I create my workspace. Sometimes when the teacher lets us go early, I stay really focused and try and finish the work in time.

Keep a daily checklist so that I know what I must achieve everyday (example below) .



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