11 January 2021


IT Equipment support

The college can loan you IT equipment and also provide some 4G wireless if you don't have one. Please ask one of your teachers or email college on: digitalskills@varndean.ac.uk

Working from College

If you would like to come in and work in the college building please LET US KNOW by emailing: office@varndean.ac.uk

Support at college

For support please contact your personal tutor or email: wellbeingzone@varndean.ac.uk

Tutorials this week

Year 1 groups - 1:1s with your personal tutor (Check your My Varndean home page)

Year 2 groups - Exams and Learning videos

What do you know about sleep?

Do you suffer from social jetlag? What happens when you sleep less than 6 hours a day? Having a sleep routine will improve the quality of your sleep and have a great impact on your wellbeing and health.

SPORT at Varndean: REDJanuary

Since we can't do any sport at the moment, you will be set daily exercise challenges for the rest of January and there will be PRIZES for those that complete the most.

You can find the challenges on the Varndean Sport Twitter (@varndeansport) and Instagram (@varndean_sport) each day.

Once you've completed the exercise for the day, write down what you did on your REDJanuary Calendar which you can download here https://redtogether.co.uk/downloads/


5/1/21: 30 minute walk

6/1/21: 20 squats, 20 lunges, 20 calf raises

7/1/21: 20 minute run

8/1/21: 30 sec plank, 30 sec side plank (both sides), 20 crunches

9/1/21: 45 minute walk

10/1/21: 90 sec arm circles, 8 push ups, 10 tricep dip's




University courses, events, open days and information

Careers appointments can be booked via My Varndean homepage or can be requested by email

Any enquiries email: careers@varndean.ac.uk

University Communications 4/11/2020


We're still here to support you while you study from home! We have a huge amount of online resources including ebooks, magazines, TV programmes, films, research databases, helpful resource lists and more - all accessible on all devices. Remember, the Library Moodle page is your one-stop portal to all these amazing resources. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do all we can to help. Contact us by email on issues@varndean.ac.uk.

If you have any items out on loan that are due back soon, please don't worry about them at present - we don't expect you to return your books until it is safe to do so and we will be renewing all student loans to cover the entire college closure period.


Born on the Fourth of July by Ron Kovic
La Haine: Film Study Guide for AS/A Level French
Suffragette Planners and Plotters: the Pankhurst Pethick-Lawrence Story
A Short History of
Ancient Greece
Dramatic Dance: An Actor's Approach to Dance As a Dramatic Art
Edexcel A-level Year 2 Geography Student Guide: The Water Cycle and Water Insecurity; the Carbon Cycle and Energy Security; Superpowers


Each week during lockdown we will be highlighting one of our online resources. First up this week is: European Newsstream - an online database that provides access to over 500 UK, European and some international newspapers in full text from the early 1990s to the current date. The collection includes the following key titles: British national newspapers including The Guardian, Financial Times, The Times, The Daily Telegraph and The Independent. Use your college username and password to login. To find out more about how to use this resource, read the guide below.


New Elizabethans with Andrew Marr
A look back at the extraordinary change of the Queen Elizabeth II's reign, selecting a diverse and fascinating range of 'New Elizabethans' who helped shape the United Kingdom.

Small Axe: Education
When 12-year-old Kingsley is transferred to a special-needs school, a group of West Indian women uncover an unofficial segregation policy preventing many black children from receiving the education they deserve.

Celebrity: a 21st Century Story
Four-part series charting the explosion in celebrity culture over the last two decades, driven by some of the most dramatic technological and cultural developments in recent times.

Wonder Woman
Before she was Wonder Woman, she was Diana, princess of the Amazons. Fighting alongside man in a war to end all wars, Diana will discover her full powers…and her true destiny.


If you would like some help with research for a project, why not book a one to one session with one of our subject librarians? We can still do these during lockdown either over the phone or online, and can help you choose the best resources for your research. Contact us on issues@varndean.ac.uk to arrange one.


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